Grand Pera is located at the heart of Istiklal Avenue in Beyoğlu, which has been a center of attraction and a symbol of shopping culture since the 19th century. Offering services to the culture, arts, entertainment, fashion, and gastronomic world, Grand Pera is a new generation lifestyle center that brought one of Istanbul’s most valuable historical buildings, Cercle d’Orient, back to its former glory through quality renovation at world standards and that introduced Emek Cinema to future generations through a sustainable understanding.
Grand Pera has been created with a street-integrated approach that is sensitive to the passages reflecting Beyoğlu’s soul and with the “Beyoğlu Anew” concept. With its brand mixture setting the trends, its gastronomy floor in its “gastrocity” concept, and its entertainment venues keeping in line with Beyoğlu’s texture, Grand Pera aims to restore the soul of an era at modern and international standards.
With the historical Cercle d’Orient building, Emek Cinema with a foyer area of 1,250m2 and the capacity to host 600 people, eight new cinema halls with the capacity to host 800 people, a theater hall with a telescopic seating arrangement and the capacity to host 150 people, as well as with its audience capacity reaching a total of 1,550 people, Grand Pera stands out as one of Istanbul’s and Turkey’s centers of attraction.
Grand Pera will serve every arts discipline with its rich events program and play host to national and international shows. In addition, it will also have a Madame Tussaud’s Museum, which will be a first in Turkey and is expected to be visited by 2 million people a year.