KAMER CONSTRUCTION is committed to protect your personal privacy. This privacy policy outlines the types of information collected by KAMER CONSTRUCTION on this website and the way they are protected and kept.

KAMER CONSTRUCTION will not collect any personal information about any KAMER CONSTRUCTION website user unless they provide such information voluntarily.

Under this privacy policy, personal details (name, e-mail address, phone numbers) provided on our website by our visitors are not shared with third persons, are not sold or rented to third persons, or are not made available to third persons in any other way.

If you do not want your personal information to be collected during your visit to the KAMER CONSTRUCTION website, please see the explanation telling you what to do and how to change the information. This policy applies only to this website and does not apply to our advertisements or promotions seen on the websites that are under the ownership of third persons.

Collection of Personal Data;
By using the KAMER CONSTRUCTION website and offering your personal information voluntarily you agree to the existing privacy policy and terms announced on this website. Your personal information may be collected when you voluntarily make an apartment sales reservation, fill out a survey, or sign up for an e-bulletin. No personal information is collected during your visits to our website unless you provide such information voluntarily.

The Purpose of Data Collection and The Use of Data;
• KAMER CONSTRUCTION uses your information for the following purposes with your permission;
• to send you printed bulletins, magazines, and campaign announcements
• to inform you via electronic mail, SMS and fax, and keep you updated on campaigns
• to identify our visitor profile
• to respond to your wishes, requests, and complaints

Personal information and such data are only used for the specified purposes and when required by a court decision or a legal procedure during legal investigations.

Collection of Other Non-Personal User Information;
During your visit on our website, KAMER CONSTRUCTION automatically and anonymously collects features such as user intensity, the visited sections, and the clicked areas. Such data are only used for the identification of the tracking and following rates of the sections and different areas and are not associated with the personal information of any visitor. Likewise, in cases involving the technology called ‘cookies’ determining how or through which way the pages are visited, it is collected as statistical data to identify the tracking and clicking rates of the different areas on the website and such process is not personal. What is aimed with this technology is to make the content, which belongs to the sections visited more frequently by the users, more easily accessible for the user starting with their first visit.

Terms of Website Use ;
From time to time, KAMER CONSTRUCTION uses the website to announce its campaigns and to inform visitors about the subjects, contents, different services and works which may draw the attention of the visitors. KAMER CONSTRUCTION has the right to unilaterally change and update the website content, as well as the terms and conditions published herein without having to make any prior announcement.

Changes to Our Policy,
KAMER CONSTRUCTION reserves the right to change or cancel this privacy policy.

Contact Us
Please use the ‘Contact Us’ link if you would like to express your opinions or queries about this privacy policy or to report any violations to this privacy policy. KAMER CONSTRUCTION will take the necessary steps to meet such requests. By visiting the KAMER CONSTRUCTION website you are deemed to have read and accepted all these terms.